9 Work From Home Courses to Take in 2022

Assist the marketing team in raising brand recognition and increasing online presence. Make sales appointments with potential and existing customers. Sales consultants use a consultative approach to promote a company’s product or service. They can either How to become a Project Manager? Project Management work as a company’s full-time employees or be on a contract based. As a system developer, you build things like networks and computer systems that users need, while as an application developer, you design software that the end-user interacts with.

The marketer strategically creates and places content that promotes a brand’s product/service across digital channels. Hootsuite – Teams engage with customers across multiple social media handles using Hootsuite. It gives seamless customer interaction across all social media channels.

The Next Step Toward a High-Paying Remote Job? Convincing Your Boss

It hurts to end a lovely weekend only to spend the next five days in a stressful environment. However, working remotely allows you to work whenever you want. As long as you get the job done at the right time, there is absolutely no problem. However, starting and growing your own blog can open up additional monetization alternatives for you, including remote work that pays you both actively and passively. Blogging is regarded as one of the finest skills to earn money in 2022. As a blogger, you produce content, develop your readership and brand, and establish yourself as an authority in a particular niche. You can work remotely in-house for a business, agency, or publication, or you can freelance or contract for businesses or companies.

  • Adding completed coursework to your resume will show employers that you have taken the time to educate yourself on working remotely and are serious about succeeding at remote work.
  • People who enjoy collaborating with others and have a skill for written communication should consider pursuing a remote freelance writing position.
  • An enterprise architect develops the long-term IT strategy in support of the business strategy.
  • Many accounting practices hire bookkeepers, and small business owners often outsource their books to someone else.
  • A key role in the healthcare industries is played by reliable coders, medical assistants who can interpret physicians’ notes for patients and assign the appropriate codes for medical billing.

Although the final decision is always with the employer, each employer has different hiring policies. Some companies may strictly ask for a degree, while some companies strictly don’t.

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A software architect defines and documents software solutions, making the “solutions” that the solutions architect designed become possible. As with a solutions architect, a software architect might need to know multiple types of software, and there is always something new on the horizon! Robotic process automation would be good software to master, for example.

best courses for remote jobs

Creation of a thorough/mapped out business analysis, identification of problems and opportunities, and solutions for business improvements. Incorporation of changes made How to Become a Project Manager: 4 Steps to Start Your Career by clients into a final design. Mailchimp – An email marketing tool but now an all-in-one tool with solutions for campaigns, generating insights, and customer surveys.

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Those with a background in computer science or software engineering might consider becoming an Android or iOS developer and be tasked with designing or troubleshooting mobile apps. If you have teaching experience in a classroom, as a coach, 16 Azure Cloud Engineer Skills for Your Career and Resume CLIMB or even as a tutor, you could start your online English teaching career right from your living room. Receive job search tactics to find the best opportunities for you and tips for crafting your resume for remote-friendly employers.

best courses for remote jobs

English has become one of the most important languages to know, especially if you live in a developing country. While many people who teach English as a second/foreign language actually travel overseas, you can easily build a large base of students virtually from your home office. The best part is, you don’t need experience teaching if you are already fluent in English and have a college degree. It can take you anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to successfully learn a new digital skill for beginner remote jobs. The timespan mostly depends on the complexity of the skill you wish to learn, and how often you commit to learning it. Companies need their writing work done for various purposes. This includes content for their website and services, advertisement content, scripts for videos, etc.

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As a business analyst, for instance, you could make about $ 83,000 per year according to Glassdoor. If you specialize in, for instance, information security you could make about $110,000 to $130,000 per year. There are so many options for how you can become rich without having any degree at all. For instance, just think of all the popular content creators out there, all the YouTubers, Instagrammers, or TikTokers.

What is the best skill to learn in 2022?

  1. Data analysis. Analytical thinking and innovation is the top skill forecasted in the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report [1].
  2. Software development.
  3. User experience.
  4. Web development.
  5. Project management.
  6. Account management.
  7. Content creation and management.

According to ZipRecruiter, Content Managers make an average salary of$63,000/year. I discovered video editing through creating my YouTube channel.

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Mentioning Udemy courses and their beneficial influence on anyone who was ever interested in perfecting their digital knowledge comes as no surprise. Numerous classes one can take on this website come free of charge.

If you are a digital nomad, you may want to travel and explore during the day and prefer to work in the late hours. Or maybe you are a night owl and find it easier to focus in the evening. As you can see, there are plenty of college degrees that can make you rich working from home. You don’t need to commute to an office anymore and can still make a great income. For instance, if we look at an insurance underwriter you can make an average of $111,000 per year according to Zippia. A college degree in finance is also a fairly safe choice if you want to find a high-paying job afterward.


The salary bracket ranges between $40k – $55k and INR 3LPA – 5LPA in India. Graphic designers use technology to create visual concepts — in other words, to create useful art for companies. Their skills are necessary for the development of everything from logos to advertisements.

They can work remotely to create layouts, logos, fonts, advertisements and other design elements and make improvements based on client feedback. People who enjoy being creative and working in a variety of styles and aesthetics are often well-suited for a career in graphic design.

How to Get Started With Remote Work

And if you work, e.g. as a marketing assistant in a small company, that’s probably true. But, again, if you specialize in a certain niche, you could increase your income significantly. On top of that, these jobs are in high demand due to the ever-growing digitalization.